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FabHub is the realization of a dream ten years in the making. I’ve spent much of my life traveling, drawing inspiration from the eclectic colors of Central and South America and the tranquility of the Caribbeans. I’ve always loved the natural hues and materials found in various countries and the ways in which they came together to create an elevated experience. I drew inspiration from the juxtaposition I found between nature and the world of design, forever expanding my capacity to dream up new creations. Through every new encounter my appreciation for the cultures and traditions responsible for so much beauty only deepened, continuing to fuel my creative inspiration until today.

From a young age I was also diagnosed as being synesthetic; a condition that makes me see the world through colors and geometric dimensions, translating the beauty of ideas to design templates, so stepping into the world of interior design was a natural fit. In my twelve years as an independent Interior Designer I’ve had the privilege of working on projects around the globe, bringing both residential and commercial projects to life in Panama, The Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, the UK, Israel, the United States and beyond. Upon entering each space, I would immediately see the colors and textures come to life, offering a clear starting point on how to work with my clients to bring creative visions to fruition. Early on I understood that I had the capacity to bring an expanded sense of beauty to the lives of my clients through the art of design, fueling my passion even further.

While I’ve loved the creativity of so many custom projects, over the years I discovered that my favorite part of the process was in sourcing the right materials, fabrics, colors and textures according to the vision. In my mind I had the artistic vision, but found it difficult to source the high quality, creative pieces I was looking for in my projects. 

During my last project in San Francisco, I found myself struggling to find quality rugs and pillows, so I decided it was time to create them myself. This decision led to the launching of FabHub. 

I started FabHub with the goal of making great products accessible, not only to designers, but to anyone who wants to elevate their space. Starting with Scandinavian boho rugs and pillows, the vision is to design high quality, unique textiles for every element of your home. Our products are handmade, using only the finest materials, to ensure they are high quality, functional and sustainable.

Over time I plan to launch new designs, including custom made furniture, additional textiles and creative lighting solutions to support individuals and designers alike. For now I’m thrilled to be launching my dream and bringing my early designs to the world. I hope you enjoy them.

I hope you enjoy them,