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Fabhub represents a way of living that was born out of my passion for the aesthetics, combined with my constant search and longing for a simpler, eco-friendly lifestyle.The brand was founded with the purpose of sharing my twelve years of experience as an Interior Designer, my values on design and creativity and my love of nature, sustainability and the concept of slow living.

Slow Living can express itself in our homes and how we decorate it, but also in our day to day life, and we are all about enjoying the process.

The vision was to create high quality, handmade pieces with the timeless qualities of thoughtfulness and dedication, using only the finest materials to acquire a natural, live, and subtle feel so we can express ourselves at our homes.

Now, more than ever, special emphasis is given to our homes and our surroundings, and reconnecting with the simple and candid life experiences that really matter.


I am excited to share with you not only my designs, but also my ideas for a slower and more mindful approach to everyday life.

Haggie ♡




Haggie ♡